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Frozen puppies 😔

Prepare yourselves for this one folks.. Claudia had a really tough day yesterday 😢

“Early call in the morning - there are 3 puppies in plain field more dead than alive, almost frozen! They are staying next to their dead mum trying to find something to eat! The priest came to church and saw them there and ask for our help. How can you say no? In five minutes he calls us again to tell us that one of the pups is dead too! We got the other puppies, they seem to be OK for now but they are no more than 3 weeks old. We tried to see if they can eat but not yet. So we give them special puppy milk. Poor souls, they had some huge ticks on them and their bellies are full of worms!”

Please, please donate to help Claudia look after these precious babies ❤️

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