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Gea’s news

We are so excited to tell you about the amazing work Gea Barker has been doing in our little corner of Romania.

Nisipari is a small village within County Constanta. When we first began our work here, there was some resistance from the local people, who like many Romanians had little time and energy to care for animals. Poverty is rife here, and stray dogs were seen as a nuisance adding more stress to the lives of everyday people with their own worries and concerns.

Our shelter team leader Gea recently qualified as a veterinary assistant - this means that she is qualified to do many simple procedures and provide treatment for certain illnesses. How she had time to achieve this - with a full time job and a toddler in tow - we will never know!

Over the last few months, Gea has quietly and without fanfare been supporting local people to treat their poorly dogs. Most recently, she has saved the lives of 4 puppies from different families, who were all suffering from Parvovirus. All of these pups have survived and will now have the chance to grow into healthy dogs. Gea even helped one family to save their puppy’s life by giving them instructions over the phone!

Slowly but surely, we are making a real difference. Attitudes are changing and we are seeing that these people really care about their dogs. Gea is someone who is well known and respected in the village, and with her new qualified status, the sky is the limit to what she can achieve ❤️

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