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Heading Home at Last

Updated: Jan 29, 2020


That first day that we went in to Navodari public shelter with our fledgling team, three years ago in September, we were not ready for the horror of what met our eyes. Those who remember and who have followed our journey and supported us throughout, we know you and love you.

Things have improved immensely in that public shelter since our first intervention more than 3 years ago now. Today is a a very emotional day for us. Only 14 dogs made it out that first day. We grabbed who we could get and vowed to go back but in the meantime they killed the remaining 80+ dogs.

JULIET was one of those. She hadn't even been singled out as so many were as bad as her, but she slipped out through an open door to the forecourt and we took her anyway.

Now she is going home to a new life in the UK after 3 years waiting with us.

SEE WHAT CHANGES YOU HAVE MADE - this is what together we have achieved. We have so many ideas to move forward with. We are strong with you at our backs.

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