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Kenzo’s day out

Kenzo, our handsome foster boy in Yorkshire, has more news to tell you!

“I am now a fully fledged member of the local community. We come out for our lunch every Saturday, hoomans eat first and then Uncle Chas saves me and Macgregor a sausage. As if that isn’t good enough, we also get biscuits….lots of biscuits. Macgregor stares at customers and bar staff and hypnotises them into visiting the biscuit jar. All I have to do is sit and look handsome until the bickies are delivered to my waiting jaws!

I have my ‘adopt me’ lead and bandana and Auntie Rosemary thinks I might even meet my forever family whilst we are out in the village. I will let you know how that goes!

If you’d like to apply to adopt Kenzo, please follow this link:

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