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Kenzo’s weekly update just in!

“Today is my 3 week anniversary and I have settled in so well that I am already able to truly show my personality. Below is me being my goofy, silly, playful self. I wake up like this, I run around while Auntie Rosemary gets breakfast sorted (which takes far too long in my opinion). If I get the chance I give the cats big sloppy kisses whilst we are waiting, which strangely they don’t appear to appreciate.

Then, at the end of the day, when nothing is happening and I have had my tea and my last walk and it is just Auntie Rosemary, Chas, Macgregor and the cats, I crash out somewhere comfy. My bed is apparently ‘orthopaedic’, which must be hooman speak for ‘squidgy and comfortable’ and then I have a doggy duvet on top for extra snuggliness. 9 o’clock is bedtime and I am happy to stay in bed right through until morning when all the excitement starts over again.”

If you’d like to adopt Kenzo, check out our website for more details:

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