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Maggie and her babies

It’s hard for us to imagine the pain and suffering that our teams in Romania witness on a daily basis.

In Dorohoi, Claudia looks after tens of dogs at her own house, with the help of her husband Cosmin. Cosmin is a school teacher and is often asked for help with needy dogs too.

When he got to school yesterday, he was approached by a man who was working there. A female dog had given birth to four puppies in a corner of the schoolyard - the kind man had made them a temporary shelter but they wouldn’t be allowed to stay there for long.

Of course Cosmin put them straight into his car and took them home to Claudia and to safety. Three boys and one girl, only a few days old and so vulnerable. The next days and weeks will be crucial, but we hope that the puppies will be strong enough to survive under the watchful eye of their clever and devoted mum, and with Claudia’s help.

We’ve named the mum MAGGIE and her babies are MAEVE, MARCUS, MONTY and MURPHY.

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