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Meet Gertrud


Claudia and Cosmin’s week has been so hectic - they’ve had yet another emergency call out…

“A few days ago we got a message that there's a poor dog dumped on the side of the highway out in the fields. It has a wire snare around neck deep in its neck. But she was very scared you couldn't get near her or trying to bite to defend herself. So we found someone living in the area to try to feed her and catch her. Today she was caught and brought to us! But the real fun just began! Cosmin met the person who caught her but she was in the back of the car free! And she realised she's in danger and has to bite to defend herself! But Cosmin didn't give up, he got in the back of the car with her trying to put a muzzle on! After half an hour fight and some bite marks he managed to get her! Poor girl has been through so much! We went to the vet for the antidote just to be sure we have no surprise when she'll be under anesthesia because I think she needs stitches, she has a deep cut in her neck!”

Poor girl. Meet GERTRUD ❤️ Please donate if you can towards her treatment and care.

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