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News from Coca’s shelter

Our dear friend Coca runs her own shelter in Calarasi, which is about 1.5 hours away from our base in Nisipari. Coca is an amazing woman - she looks after her dogs all by herself and is utterly dedicated to them.

Coca spotted these angels in a lay-by at the side of the road while she was driving. A mum and 2 pups - a boy and a girl. All alone, hungry and scared 😢

The mum is about 2 years old and the pups only 2 months. They’re all safe now with Coca and will receive the best care. We’ve named the mum EMMA and the pups are ELLI and ERNIE.

If you’d like to support Coca to keep rescuing and caring for this sweet little family and others, please contribute via the link below:

Well done, Coca ♥️

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