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Updated: Jan 29, 2020

Panda is the Cane Corso who was dumped in our village a few weeks back. She had wandered into someone's garden.The woman who lived there was too scared to come out her house! First the woman called our Gea but no reply, so she then called Ionut, the young boy who is so switched on and keeps an eye on stuff we may not hear about when dogs need help in the village. Ionut of course went to fetch Panda. Panda is safe with us now but has had such a sh#t time in her life. Used for breeding no doubt, she was starved and full of sores - possible bites. See how her beautiful ears had been cropped. She was also pregnant and on top of this has tested positive to both heartworm and erlichia. She is such a gentle dog. Panda had two pups. Sadly, both of whom died a few days after birth. The vet thinks this is because of the heartworm. Panda also had afterbirth left inside so is with the vet now. This poor, dear dog. The good news is though, not only has her treatment for heartworm been paid for, she has a home to go to in Germany after she is healed - even though this will take some months! ❤️

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