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Please help if you can

The weather is getting warmer by the day in Romania. Unfortunately, this means that fleas and ticks are on the rise and our shelter has seen a serious outbreak! Our poor dogs all need to be treated again, and the team are also working to disinfect every pen.

This is a HUGE and expensive job. We need to buy hundreds of spot-on treatments and also pills for the dogs who don’t want to be touched. With only Gea, Aura and Ion currently working at the shelter and village house, this is not an easy task.

Work has begun in earnest but we are quickly running out of supplies. We desperately need YOUR help to purchase more treatments and disinfecting supplies. Please, if you can donate just a little to our fundraiser, it would make the world of difference to our dogs.

Click here to contribute to our fundraiser:

You can also visit our website to donate:

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And please, SHARE SHARE SHARE! 🐾

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