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Rescues Unite, a group of UK Rescues comprising registered Charities and not for profit animal rescues have formed to fight the current suspension of dogs from Romania entering the UK under commercial transport by applying for a Judicial review against the Government ruling.

“The suspension is disproportionate based on official figures released by the affected countries” says Jason Yorke, Trustee of A Better Life Dog Rescue. “DEFRA have performed a knee jerk reaction to a situation that was totally controllable if they had listened to the rescuers that have vast experience in rescue from those countries. The only way forward is a Judicial Review to look into the actions of the suspension and its fairness” he continues.

The first suspension was announced on 7th April 22 with a start date of 8th April until 14th May, a further suspension was then enforced on all rescues on 13th May till July 9th. Again on 8th July a further ban was instigated until September 3rd.

Hayley Ashford Founder of Final Stop Rescue explained that “Rescues Unite believe that the ruling is unjust and the length of the suspension is not proportionate to the risk mentioned in the suspension.

The way the extensions have been announced have in our opinion been very underhand with all extensions been given after 5pm the day before the day the ban was due to be lifted, when DEFRA are closed and with less than 24 hours’ notice, meaning no approach can be made to DEFRA” she explained.

DEFRA claim that the suspension is necessary to protect the UK borders from rabies through Ukrainian dogs entering via Romania.