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Sending love to Ion

Those of you who have been following us for a while will know Ion - Gea’s father and the absolute heart of our main shelter in Nisipari. Ion is a hero to our dogs, and to us.

For years we have struggled to find and retain workers for the shelter. No one locally really wants to work with dogs. Ion has been taking up the slack for months now, years really. He, Gea and Aura are all utterly exhausted.

On Friday Ion was on the verge of collapse with a huge rash appearing on his torso. Gea rushed him to the doctor where he's been told it's shingles. He's in so much pain.

Ion doesn't have an opportunity for days off, nor any real downtime. What's even more worrying is that he is almost certainly in need of hip replacement plus he desperately needs to see an eye doctor too. He's been dosing himself up with pain relief without telling anyone how tough things are.

There will be a team of volunteers arriving tomorrow to get stuck in from Thursday. Help is on its way. Ion is desperate to get back to the shelter but is receiving care from an excellent doctor, and must give his body time to rest and heal.

Please join us in wishing Ion a speedy recovery and sending tons of love ❤️

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