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Shirley needs our help

This is our girl Shirley. She was a long term shelter dog until recently, when she was lucky enough to travel to Germany, and is now in a great foster home there. Shirley was a big character in our Nisipari shelter and we were so pleased when she got this chance. We all love her a lot.

Shirley’s foster mum noticed that she was uncomfortable being touched on her back, and this seemed to be getting worse. She took Shirley to the vet for a check up right away. Sadly the news was not good. Shirley has a severe herniated disc and needs surgery ASAP.

The herniated disc is quite serious and in a tricky position, and Shirley is in a lot of pain. All in all, the investigations, MRI and surgery will cost around £1300 - a huge amount of money. Of course, her fosterers can’t afford to pay this, so once again we are begging you for help. Any small amount that you could spare would be so appreciated. Let’s do this for Shirley.

You can contribute by visiting our website:

And please, share Shirley’s appeal far and wide 🙏

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