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Spay campaign

Here at BMDR, we strongly believe that spaying and neutering as many dogs as possible is the ONLY way forward in the fight to end the plight of so many dogs in Romania.

Minnie’s story is just one example of the horrific and unnecessary suffering that our team in Romania witnesses every single day. We rescued Minnie from the public shelter back in 2016. She had anaplasmosis, demodex and was shockingly thin - she was dying a slow and painful death.

Most heart wrenching of all was the fact that Minnie was mourning her tiny dead puppies, who were still with her, in the horrific conditions of the public shelter. The photo below shows her clinging to the corpse of her baby, trying desperately to keep him warm and safe. But he’s already gone. Her trauma and the deaths of her babies could have so easily been averted had Minnie just been spayed. No dog asks for this.

This is why we are partnering with the amazing organisation Spays 4 Strays to run spay and neuter campaigns in both Nisipari and Castelu this summer. We don’t yet have enough funds to do so and this is SO important for the future of dogs like Minnie. This is not an isolated problem and continues to spread like wildfire throughout Romania - we want to be part of the solution.

To donate to this campaign please visit the link below and choose Nisipari/Castelu Campaign:

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