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A personal message from Hilary - founder of BMDR:

“To say that we are overwhelmed with the generosity of you all, our wonderful supporters, is an understatement. We have seen spiralling prices for everything our dogs need plus the hard, hard impact for you all at home with the cost of living impact. There have been many sleepless nights here.

BMDR may look like a a big slick rescue, but in truth, there are really just a few of us paddling so hard beneath the surface to keep things going.

From such worry and despair, there you came to remind us that we are not alone in our struggle.

What a most fantastic and generous response from all corners. We have paid the outstanding bills to the food supplier and have the next two weeks covered too. We have ideas for fundraising and several things in the ether to try to make sure that this black hole doesn’t get quite so deep in future.

From the very bottom of my being, thank you to you all. Thank you so very much.”

Since we posted on Monday asking for help with food bills, we have received an astounding £6000 in donations via social media, PayPal, text, bank and post. And the donations are still coming in. Our hearts are full.

Team Nisipari wanted to send their love to you all. Even in the scorching heat, their spirits are buoyed.


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Douglas Johnson
Douglas Johnson
23 août 2022

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