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Travellin' Dawgs! (20 September 2019)

Twelve lucky dogs have packed their bags this week and are on their way to brand new lives.

ALFIE, dear, sweet boy dumped in the street beside Oana's house, is off to Germany.

ALISTAIR, yes! This lad has been two years with us waiting after rescue from the public shelter and now he is going to be someone's dog. He is such a good-natured lad.

ANGEL, pint sized and perfect. She was dumped in a nearby village and had been bitten through her leg so hard, that is was broken. And now she is mended and is going home...a real home.

BETHANY, rescued with her mum and sister Shula from the street where they had been abandoned.

DAHLIA, with her one blue eye, sweet pup dumped in the street.

ERICA - makes your heart leap - is adopted by volunteers to our shelter. She will have a cosy, soft bed for the rest of her life.

MAIRA, little dog saved from the forest by our colleague way up north in Dorohoi, will be a German citizen.

MATTY, this little lad was left for us to find in the village.

MELISSA, finally is on her way home. She is the last of her litter, more than a year later than the others.

PANDORA, tiny girl from way across Romania.

ROLY, he is one of the pups who popped out when his mum unexpectedly gave birth in the vets.

SILVA, sweetest girl from the street, is coming to foster in Hampshire and will be looking for a forever home.

Happy Lives Puppers. We will always love you ❤️

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