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Travellin' Dawgs

As we have had a really busy few weeks at HQ, these last few pups didn't make it to the blog.

Nine lucky dogs got on the bus on 14th November to come to new homes far away from Romania.

HAMISH was found abandoned and hungry. He should have left a few weeks ago but at his pre-departure vet check, he was found to have slipping patellas on both back legs. Luckily his new mum in Germany said she would wait. Hamish was operated on and is like new! HANNAH came from the ps with matted hair and sore skin in June. She has a new life to look forward to in Germany. MANDY is a long term dog who we took from the public shelter nearly three years ago now. MERA is a small pup rescued from the street and now off to learn German! MINA came from the village. She was dumped close to our shelter with her wee puppy. She too is off to Germany thanks to team Margarethe. RINALDO is an old guy who finally is leaving Romania after 2 years with us as a refugee from the public shelter. Going home to Germany. SONNY is coming to his family in the UK as is SONYA, found by our volunteers in September in the village. TAINI was saved from the street by a kind woman and we were asked to help find him a home. He will be another German citizen.

Happy Lives Pups, we love you for always. ❤️

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