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A surprise for Claudia

Guess what? Another rescue mission for Claudia this week.

“Cosmin went to school early in the morning, the kids were waiting to tell him there's a small dog in the schoolyard. They told him that the dog was on the streets from last month and they were feeding the girl. She was pretty scared and there were just two of them that could get near her. So they got her and Cosmin put her in the car. She's young, 1 year old, 6-7 kgs heavy, skinny and with ticks and fleas.”

But the story doesn’t end here - there was a twist in this tale…

“Ever since we got her, the girl from school was very nervous and wanting to leave. In the evening she started to howl, we thought this is because it was a new place for her but still we sensed something wasn't right. So we checked if she has milk and surprise she has milk! You couldn't see it but it was clear she has puppies! It was quite a dilema of what to do! It was so difficult to catch her and we were sure if we let her go we wouldn't be able to catch her again! We had to think of something! We called someone who new the area to help us, bought 4 meters of rope and took our girl in the area, hopefully she would take us to her puppies! Amazingly the mummy took us right to the place where two puppies were waiting for more than a day, poor souls! Now they are all resting peacefully!”

Wow. Another busy day in Dorohoi! Please donate to help this gorgeous little family, if you can ❤️

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