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Update 25/2/22


As news of Russia’s aggression towards Ukraine fills us with horror and fear, let’s think positive thoughts for our dear friends and rescuers in Romania. Romania borders Ukraine to the north and the east.

Most of you will know that our main shelter is in Constanta district, in eastern Romania, on the Black Sea. Ukraine is about 300 kms away. Claudia and Cosmin, whose dogs we support too, are in Dorohoi. This is in northern Romania, a half hour’s drive from the Ukrainian border.

Romania endured the horrors of communist rule until the overthrow of President Ceausescu, in December 1989. They well understand Russian interference and aggression. Constanta itself has a military base, next to its international airport, Mihail Kogălniceanu. Our friends in Constanta report military vehicles everywhere.

For Claudia and Cosmin in Dorohoi, they can hear explosions. Is this not terrifying? Refugees are starting to come in, both from north and east. I read last night that Romania has pledged to take in 100,000 refugees. For a country in which many people endure desperate poverty, this is a generous gesture but there are likely to be so many more.


On top of this Russian aggression on a peaceful neighbour, our teams have had to endure delay with the transport of our dogs who left this week, for new lives far away from their difficult start in life. All small animal transports out of the country were stopped, with no reason given. After a day’s delay at the border, waiting for the final veterinary stamp to leave, the transport company that we use felt that the animals could not wait any longer and have turned back to drop the dogs back off at the shelters, until the situation is clarified.

For a country that routinely kills, neglects and abuses its animals, the authorities seem intent on punishing those who are doing their best to help. However, this may be a case of a lack of joined up thinking. We have yet to find out.

Once again, we ask you to think of our good friends in Romania, sending them love and strength. Please too, think positive thoughts that there will be a timely way forward found for the dogs who are on the cusp of a new life. 🙏

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