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This is an URGENT appeal for Barking Mad Dog Rescue - we need your help more than ever right now.

For the first time since our formation, we have fallen behind in our payments to our Romanian dog food supplier to the tune of nearly 25,000 Romanian ron. This is £4,360. Monthly dog food bills have shot up with huge price rises over the last two months.

If we don’t pay this soon, they will no longer be able to supply us with dog food. This is serious. We’re really worried about the future of our work and honestly, it’s quite scary.

On top of this, we have recently taken in many new dogs. Our shelter is full, but how can we ask our Romanian team to walk past a litter of pups at the side of the road, or a dog in need tied to post beside our shelter?

At this time of crisis, please help us to keep helping our dogs.

You can contribute now by clicking the link below:

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