Betty,10 years or so. Gentle.

Betty,10 years or so. Gentle.

Dear Betty has a long and sometimes sad story. Betty lived in a playground in Bucharest and was loved by children and teachers alike. Then the killing law was passed and nowhere was safe anymore. Betty was taken to a shelter in Bucharest that was very cramped. Here her needs were not met and she was kept in a small pen, with little daylight for three years - no walks and no company. Last year a kind hearted young person arranged for Betty to come to the UK to a foster home. Sadly, Betty and the resident cats didn't see eye to eye. Nevertheless Betty's foster mum loves her and has looked after her well. When there was no chance of getting her rehomed though, as blood tests had not been carried out in the correct way by a vet in Romania, Bett's foster mum and BMDR decided to work together. Betty has had a full medical by a vet in the UK and her blood tests for heartworm etc are all clear. Betty is a dear, gentle dog. She may even learn to live with resident cats if they were dog savvy. Can we find a great home for Betty for her older years? She is a little unfit just now, but with a bit more exercise she will be rock and rolling. Betty is small labrador size.

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