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Dave, 2 years, Angus

Dave, 2 years, Angus

Dave was re-adopted to his current home at 10 months old and his family have worked  very hard to turn him into the sweet lad that he is. These are the words of Dave's adoptive mum which also explain why he is seeking a new home.

''He is a very friendly, loving, cuddly dog who adores other dogs. He is hugely popular with all the dog walkers at our local beach as he has impeccable dog manners and such a fun character. But he is hugely wary of people walking without a dog and may growl and bark at them if off the lead. His recall is generally pretty good but unfortunately there are lapses. He is excellent on the lead and calm. Our biggest problem with him is him being territorial in the house and garden. He used to bark furiously at people going past, our neighbours. He was also beside himself at the window cleaners!'' 

Dave reacted badly to one neighbour banging a shed door and just once, but once was enough, jumped the fence and nipped the man's bottom.

His mum continues:

'We have managed to reduce these reactions and now can get him to go and stay on his bed. He’s a smart, funny dog. Strong-willed, anxious at times and reacts strongly to certain stimuli (mainly to do with people coming to or being near the house). He barks at people coming into the house (unless they have a dog with them but settles very quickly these days. I have no doubt that with a knowledgeable dog owner and ideally another dog or 2 in the home, he would make a wonderful pet. Unfortunately the wife of the neighbour he nipped was already nervous about dogs and now is terrified so we can’t keep him.

Dave would suit an experienced home with another dog  - we so hope one is out there for him. He has so many postives. 

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