Esther, born May 2020

Esther, born May 2020

Esther is one of a litter of happy little souls who were abandoned with their mum alongside a shipping canal where people like to go to fish. A relative of one of our team members saw them and called us. Luckily for this small family, a local man who lives in a hut nearby had been feeding them. Their mum Enya is a small dog, 35cms to the shoulder, and although we don’t know their dad, we estimate that they won’t grow very big. Please note, we can’t promise this!


Each of these pups is seeking a home with another friendly dog to ease the transition from shelter life to home. They need adopters with rescue experience and the patience and commitment to work through any issues that may arise, as with all our dogs. Ongoing socialisation and empathetic training are the key to successful adoptions.

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