Gus, born December 2017, and Olive, born January 2019

Gus, born December 2017, and Olive, born January 2019

Gus and his best friend Olive are both now looking for new homes through no fault of their own - unfortunately a young family member developed severe allergies to them. Both are in fabulous kennels together in North Yorkshire, and their foster mum has said they have settled well. Gus is smaller than he appears in photos, and is a beautiful fluffy boy. He is the more confident of the two, happy to meet new people and is enjoying running around the kennel paddock with new pals.


Olive is smaller still. Olive is such a pretty girl, with her tan coat and amber eyes. She is quite small and can be timid at first, but is a friendly and affectionate dog once she gets to know people. We are seeking a savvy home that is willing to help her gain confidence and continue to build on basic training for both dogs. Olive has lived with Gus for over a year and we would love to re-home them together. Olive leans on Gus quite a bit for confidence. Both have lived with children before so with the appropriate introductions, could live with older, savvy children.


We are seeking a local adoption for Gus and Olive together, or at least an adopter who is willing to travel to visit as many times as needed to help with the transition, as further change will be hard for them. We are seeking a rescue-experienced home with people who are willing to help Olive and Gus continue their life journey in their forever home.

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