Happy, 2012

Happy, 2012

HAPPY is everything his name suggests he might be. He is a goofy, loving lump who has been in shelter so long, just waiting to be noticed. Happy's story is a sad one. He lived under the care of a local lady with three other pups in park in Bucharest....Then the killing law was passed and they weren't safe anymore as dogs were rounded up and killed with a bounty on their heads. Happy was taken to a shelter which was so overcrowded and he became very depressed. Two of his sisters were adopted and his brother was taken to a smaller place. Happy had his best friend LINA with him when finally we were able to take them to a small private dog pension and then on to our minishelter where he is cared and much loved for but it still is no life for a dog like him. Happy would suit an active home with or without other dogs and probably no cats as the shelter cat teases him mercilessly on a daily basis by dangling her paw in front of his head but just out of reach. 

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