Jasper,  born March 2019, smallish

Jasper, born March 2019, smallish

Jasper came from the public shelter in October 2019 with sore skin and his ribs showing. Team leader Gea describes him as the perfect pup. Jasper is a dream dog who remains invisible for he is a black dog. Jasper went to see the surgeon in Feb 2020 for he was lame. He needed a femoral head resection on his left hind leg and this has left him walking a little short, on one side. Vid to come of how he walks. His right leg had an old fracture of the tibia but this had healed itself. Jasper is not a big dog - only 44 cms approx to the shoulder. 

Jasper is such a sweet lad and is looking for a home with another friendly dog from whom to earn the ropes about life in a home.