Jenson, smallish, gentle dog

Jenson, smallish, gentle dog

Update May 19*

Jenson has sadly tested postive for heatworm so whilst he can be reserved for adoption , his treatment will take a bit over 3 months so he can travel in September.

Jenson was taken to our vet by someone and left after he had been hit by a car. He doesn’t use his left foreleg although x rays at the time didn’t show up any fractures. Maybe the nerves are damaged. We don’t have access to a physio in Constanta, sadly. Jenson is a very gentle soul who gets on well with everyone in his pen and loves the little bit of attention he can get when someone has time for him. Sizewise, he is like an oversized corgi with longer legs - though not in looks.

Jenson would cope we think as an only dog but equally would be ok in a home with another friendly dog. 

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