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Lady,  2017

Lady, 2017

This is a gentle natured dog who has come back under our umbrella this year. Lady was one of a number of dogs taken from the local public shelter and put into private foster kennels by a Dutch rescuer. The rescue folded, leaving unpaid debts. We endeavoured to help the dogs who were scattered around various locations in Constanta. Lady was so sweet, we took her to live in the grounds of a local business where we knew an employee. He would keep a good eye on her, to make sure she was fed and cared for. 

Sadly the employee left and Lady no longer had a guardian angel. The team went to visit her to check up and immediately took her back under our wing. Lady was successfully treated for a venereal tumour and for numerous tick bites. She is such a sweet dog - wasted in a shelter. Lady would be ok as an only dog in the right home where she had access to some dog pals to meet up with and socialise with. 

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