Lana, born December 2018

Lana, born December 2018

Lana came back to our care out of the blue during lockdown. She is currently in foster in Edinburgh where her fosterers have helped her make good progress with her fears and anxiety. They adore her but sadly Lana can’t stay there long term due to unforeseen work commitments. Lana is a keen learner and has been doing well with her basic training, including lead work. She would benefit from someone willing to build on the work of her fosterers and continue this training. She goes to a secure field regularly to have both fun with agility and also work on her recall etc. Lana is quite wary of new people to start and also can be reactive with other dogs when she is on the lead but she is making progress with this. We can only assume that in her previous home, she was exposed less and less to the world outside. She was such a friendly outgoing pup in the shelter. Once Lana relaxes and gets to know you, that side is starting to emerge once again. Lana lives with foster brother Louis who she loves to play with and on whom she relies to gain confidence in scary situations. Lana would need somebody who is around for most of the day. She would not be suitable for homes with children or cats.


If you can offer Lana an experienced home with another laid back dog, where she can take all the time she needs, please do get in touch with us. Long term foster or adoption considered.

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