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Luigi, born March, now in UK

Luigi, born March, now in UK

Luigi is with our team member in foster in Truro. He is loving his new foster placement and his training has now begun in earnest.This is what his foster mum says about Luigi:


Luigi is a big, soft, gentle teddy bear of a puppy. He is completely clean in the house and loves to play with other dogs and with toys. His favourite thing to chase is a ball, but he also loves to pull the stuffing out of his soft toys and looks ever so proud at providing you with the snowy scene of unicorn innards. He loves cuddles on the couch and can sit when asked. He is making great progress with learning his name and waiting for his food bowl.Luigi is becoming more and more relaxed on walks, especially in the countryside. He is happy to greet some dogs he meets while he is out.

Luigi, like his sister and brother has a short tail but this does not detract from his handsome good looks. He is small collie size now. 

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