Lulu, born January 2018

Lulu, born January 2018

Lulu was one of a family who was rescued from the street in Castelu, the neighbouring town to our village. There was the mum, Lauren, plus the two sisters, Lulu and Lexy, and their brother Lincoln from the 2018 litter, and then a whole litter of younger pups from 2019. A kind person in our village had heard that people wanted to poison them where they were so gathered them up and brought them to our village. Lulu is a sweetheart with her carers in the shelter. She is shy though, with strangers, until she has had time to get to know you. People fed this family when they lived on the street and they got used to being around the locals. The younger pups were all adopted quickly so it is time to find homes for these sweet dogs. Lulu would definitely need a home with another dog who could guide her and help her transition into life in a home. Lulu is around 50cms to the shoulder.

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