Maggie, born February 2019

Maggie, born February 2019

We took this lovely girl from the public shelter. She is now in foster in Hampshire and has settled in wonderfully. Maggie is small collie size at around 45 cms. She gets on wonderfully with other dogs and loves to play with them. She would do best in a home where she would get plenty of socialisation and stimulation, continuing to build on the work of her foster mum. Maggie is a little shy to start with but does get on with everyone and really deserves a good home where she can be someone's pet again. She is a cuddle monster with her foster family and is the softest girl. Maggie is a real sweetheart who loves to be around you, so will be best suited to someone who is around for most of the day. As she gets on so well with her foster siblings, we are seeking a home for Maggie where there is at least one other friendly dog. We are also seeking a local adoption for Maggie in order to stagger the process and ease the transition for her to her new home.

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