Malvin, born March 2020

Malvin, born March 2020

Malvin is one of three pups who are still left to be reserved from a family we were asked to help at a local car wash. The kind people had taken in some abandoned dogs and were keeping them safe and fed. We have spayed the female adult dogs there and have taken the pups to find them good homes. Mum Marlene is smallish - 38cms to the shoulder - but with an unknown dad, it is possible these pups could be anything from corgi size to collie. These friendly pups are with us now at the village house shelter. Malvin is bigger at this stage than his siblings. Applications should demonstrate experience in, and opportunities, for socialisation and training with patience and understanding needed of the time it may take. Another dog in the home is needed to allow a smooth transition from outdoor to indoor life.

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