McLeod, born late December. Wilts.

McLeod, born late December. Wilts.

McLeod is going from strength to strength. He is a big lad - full up collie size - and yet stil just 8 months old. McLeod can sometimes still be shy of new situations but mainly takes everything in his stride. He has just started to go in the car with his dogs friends and has been super and after three trips was first to jump in. He is living in a multi - dog household and gets on well with everyone, canine and human. McLeod also goes walking with some dog friends who are not in his immediate familiy too. 

McLeod would suit a home with another laid back friendly dog from whom he coud gain confidence in his new family. We would welcome a localish adoption where this lad can take the time needed to get to know his new people and then home so the transition is a smooth one.  

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