Pitri, born April 2020

Pitri, born April 2020

Pitri and his brothers Robby, Vito and Denny, plus another lucky pup who is now reserved, were plucked to safety from the hoarder’s house in Constanta, where they would have most surely died.


These are playful and friendly pups in the shelter. We are seeking experienced homes where emphasis will be placed on socialisation and training, whilst allowing each pup the time, empathy and patience to absorb the changes in their short life. We estimate these puppies will grow to small collie size. Their mum, Duchess, is 45cms to the shoulder, approx. She has heartworm so needs a lengthy treatment before being offered for promotion. Their dad(s) could have been any of a number of dogs in that yard. Preference will be given to applications with another friendly dog in the home. This eases the transition from shelter to home life.

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