Sammy, male, born late Nov 2019

Sammy, male, born late Nov 2019

Sammy and his five siblings were picked up with their young mum Sophie, before Christmas. These are six happy and bouncing pups. Mum Sophie is the sweetest girl and must have been someone’s pet, then dumped once she got pregnant. Claudia and her husband live in the north of Romania, quite close to the Ukraine border. Her husband Cosmin was on his way home from work and noticed this small family in the freezing cold living under some building debris. Mum and pups were brought home, fed and cared for, and now all are ready for adoption offers. Their mum is smallish and quite slight in build so we assume the pups won’t be huge but as dad was just a passing stranger we just don't know. As a guess, we estimate these puppies will be medium springer size. In a savvy home, with access to a good social canine network we think they should be fine as only dogs but as always, would benefit from a canine friend in the home.

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