Shadow, born August 2019

Shadow, born August 2019

This poor girl has been through so much change in her short life. Shadow arrived to the UK just before lockdown, in February 2020. Shadow settled extremely well despite lockdown restrictions making socialisation, training and exposure to new things difficult. Through no fault of her own, however, Shadow came to emergency foster in Glasgow in November. She is a sweet, friendly, playful girl but unfortunately has found it very difficult to settle in a multi dog household. We are therefore seeking a calm, experienced, dog free home where she will be able to relax and decompress. Shadow is a small dog - corgi like with a long body and short legs. Despite her size, she is energetic so would suit an active home that is willing to build on her basic training and continue to help her build confidence. She loves to socialise and play with other friendly dogs she meets outdoors. Long term fosters would be considered and a local adoption would be preferable in order to stagger introductions and ease the transition for this beautiful girl. 
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