Tally, 7 yrs , a sad tale

Tally, 7 yrs , a sad tale

Update December 2018:Hurray! We were able to move Tally to a friend locally where she is getting great care and we are able too to get good photos and a decent assessment. Tally is a super girl. She is loving being free to run and play with the other dogs. Tally would love a home with or without another friendly dog where she could once again be someone's special girl. Tally is smallish lab sized. She has lost a little weight now being free from her chain. Her coat now has a shine to it.  Tally was taken in by a kind old lady in Botosani when she was abandoned on the street. Sadly this old lady died and Tally once again had the threat of homelessness over her head. The granddaughter of the family stepped in and Tally was taken to a private pension locally. We were then contacted by the grandaighter who lives out of Romania, to ask if we could help to rehome her. Tally is around 50 cms to the shoulder and has had her blood tests. We are told she is a gentle older girl who gets on with other dogs. We think too that she will be happy as an only dog. It has been hard to get photos. Tally has known kindness in her life and now we see she is led out on a chain. This is hard for us to see. Maybe there will be a home offer for her soon.
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