Tia, born 2015, small

Tia, born 2015, small

Tia is a small dog who we were able to extract from the hoarder’s house in May. She had belonged to the old aunt, who has since died. Tia would have been ‘rescued’ from the street by Carmen, the woman who takes these dogs in. Then Tia would next have been imprisoned in a small room with quite a number of other small dogs. The aunt died and the ensuing chaos meant Tia was then in a yard with the bigger dogs and she was bitten. We received a call and were able first to get her to the vet and then say that we would keep her and find her a great home. Tia is really starting to come out of her shell and enjoying fuss and cuddles from our team. She is just a little dog, around 30 cms and weighing maybe 6 kgs. Tia would be shy initially in a new home and would need a gentle canine companion to lean on in her new family.

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