Tia, born 2016

Tia, born 2016

Our beautiful and sensitive Tia has come on such a long way from when she first got to us, scared and perplexed at the changes in her life. Tia has been in foster for a couple of years now, and would need a home where she had lots of time to get to know her adopter, through walks and visits and more. Tia is a hugely loving soul, though has avoidance tactics for certain things she is not so brave about!  Tia is super clever and learns new tricks in an instant. She walks daily with lots of other dogs but still acknowledges very few of them - I can't see you! In the home she is a very easy dog to have around and gets on well with everyone. She is always happy to see new people coming in too if this means treats. Tia would need a rescue experienced, local home with another friendly dog, where both dog and humans were sensitive to her needs. Tia would only be adopted to a home where she was given as much time as was needed for the transition, i.e. daily interaction with potential adopters. 

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