Timi, born ~2011

Timi, born ~2011

Timi has now landed in the UK and is already settling in his new home. He has been clean in the house from the outset.  Timi is quite overweight for he was quite inactive in the shelter. His foster mum is working on this. Timi will soon be walking everyday in the locality. So far, so good!

Timi is a lovely lad whom we took from the public shelter in 2018. The public shelter vet put his age down as 6 when we took him but we think he must actually be a year or two older. Timi is good pals with his foster brother Mac, and also is relaxed indeed with the family cat. He was quite tubby when he arrived but is slowly losing weight. Timi also can't cope right now with uncarpeted floors. This is a big block for him but Rosemary is working to help him overcome this.

Timi is better off lead than onlead with other dogs but is getting better everyday.  If he feels cornered then he will voice his concerns. 

Foster Mum Rosemary says:

Due to his age Timi appears to have a ‘threshold’ for the amount of stimulation he can accept before becoming over-tired. Company will be more important to him than large amounts of exercise so a good sized garden would be ideal, adult owners would be perfect. A little wary of strangers so would suit someone with sound rescue experience to give him time to acclimatise.