We’re Barking Mad Dog Rescue. We’re a UK registered charity (1160985) working to improve the lives of abandoned dogs in Romania. 

We have a hands-on team in Romania at our shelters in Constanta and Calarasi, where we care for around 500 dogs and puppies, many of whom have been rescued from unimaginable abuse and neglect.

We also provide food, vet care and support to two other shelters in Romania.

In total, we feed more than 500 dogs every single day.

We aim to rehome as many of the saved dogs as we can.

In the UK, we have a team of volunteer adoption specialists working with potential adopters and foster carers across the country. Although we aim to rehome as many of the saved dogs as we can, some unfortunately will never be suitable to make that journey. These dogs are available for sponsor here.

If you think you can offer a home to one of our dogs please read the information here, or if you’re interested in fundraising or getting involved with Barking Mad Dog Rescue in any way at all, then contact us.



Saphira has finally come through her long treatment for heartworm and is ready for rehoming. One of 18 dogs that we rescued from a church seminary, Saphira, like her counterparts, is a lovely dog, despite the neglect she suffered at the hands of those who were meant to be caring for her. All these 'church' dogs had heartworm and also weakness associated with starvation.

This is all behind her now. We are looking for the right home for Saphira, in which to live the rest of her life. She so deserves to be someone's dog. Saphira will be seeking a home with a companion dog, where someone is home with her most of the time.