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We love a happy ending!

Working in Romanian rescue is hard work for all of us. Whether we're busy sorting adoptions, arranging transport or working directly with our dogs, it can be a roller-coaster of emotions from sad, happy and pretty much every other emotion you can think of!


But what makes us happiest is knowing that there are hundreds of rescue dogs happy in their forever homes, thanks to the collective effort of Barking Mad Dog Rescue and our wonderful adopters and supporters. Here are just a few of those dog rescue success stories and happy endings. Enjoy! 

Adopted by Lamorna Tink Curtis of Cornwall

"Mum's original BMDR adoption fell through, so we were asked to foster a little dog called Angel. We were only meant to have her  until she went to a permanent home. We were a bit nervous, but when mum walked in the door with her the next day, it was love at first sight! She was gorgeous,and such a happy little girl, even after everything she'd been through. She greeted my sister the same way... and every other person or being she's met since. There was no way we were going to let this little one move again so she stayed with us. Angel is special and has shown us unconditional love. And it's Barking Mad Dog Rescue we have to thank for that!"

Suzie, Penny and Stuart
Adopted by Nick and Claire Shaw of Warrington

"We hadn't considered a Romanian rescue until our friend introduced us to BMDR. We began to understand the plight of the animals and my husband started to look for our new addition. He found Suzi pretty quickly. It was her eyes that got us - she was just beautiful. Her sister Penny went to a lovely lady in Derby and Suzi came to us. It was apparent from the start that Suzi was a bit different to other dogs. She was very nervous of everything but seemed to settle with us quickly (it did take a while to persuade her that our cat grace wasn't food!).v She settled in quickly and became part of our family.


A few months later we ended up taking in Penny as well, so the sisters were back together. After moving house to a lovely cottage out in the sticks, we added another puppy to our family, and along came Stuart! So that is our family: three Rommie rescues, four rescue cats and three horses!"

Adopted by Alison George of Sandhurst

"I heard about BMDR from a friend who told me about the terrible plight of dogs and cats in Romania. I had just retired and decided that fostering a dog from such horrific conditions would be ideal. I picked out Maria as she looked particularly sad.

When she arrived, she was so frightened of everything it was pitiful. She had a bad nasal infection which took ages to clear up so she wasn't ready for adoption for a long time. Then no one seemed to want her and although I was getting more and more fond of her, but I still felt fostering would be best. However, when I I moved house it became clear she was so happy with us. There were woods to go in and a huge playing field to run in. I just knew that I couldn't put her through the upset of moving again to a new home, so I'm a failed fosterer!"

Adopted by Penny Keane of Barrhill, Dumfries

"After my black lab had to retire from agility due to arthritis, I went looking online for a rescue dog. As soon as I saw Kira I was smitten. When she arrived, she had issues with food guarding and was very frightened but bit by bit we saw the lovely girl that she is. After three months we started the agility training and it has been slow, but steady progress. She is still terrified of weaving poles, but she is getting there. She loves going to her agility class and has a couple of particular friends among her classmates. She gets to run in the Galloway forest every day and joins in all the games with our two labs - except for swimming! Over the years we have had rescue dogs and pedigree dogs, but she is the one whose life has changed the most and she has certainly changed our lives for the better."

Adopted by Pauline Kelly of Glasgow

"We have always had a dog and when our old guy passed away we got a pup called Riley. After a year and much deliberation we decided to add to our family by getting a second dog! We opted to rescue a dog and having read many posts from BMDR we  enquired about Camille (now called Luna). When she arrived she was very very scared but she is the sweetest, most affectionate little dog you could meet. She has settled in to our home so easily. She loves her big brother, they wrestle and play constantly and any dog she sees in the park is her friend instantly! We are so delighted we rescued Luna, we feel blessed that she has settled in so well and we would definitely recommend adopting a Rommie pup... they have so much love to give."

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