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The BMDR GRUB CLUB  - feed a shelter dog.

Join our new Grub Club,  help us feed our rescued dogs like Maribelle and be in with a chance of winning a cash prize! 

It's easy..... here's how it works.

For every 100 people in the Grub Club who each donate £1 per week to Barking Mad Dog Rescue, this means £100 per week which can be relied upon and incorporated in to the charity's dog food budget. 

Each member is assigned a number in the order they join and at the end of each month, a winning number is randomly generated. The person with that lucky number wins one week's donations to the Grub Club. So, for 100 members the winnings would be £100.

Payments should be set up as a recurring monthly payment, which can either be made as a standing order to our charity bank account (Natwest sort code 52-21-30 account number 26807629), or through Paypal using the button below. 

For any help with this please contact us.


Remember, once you've set up your payment, if you use social media, you can join the club on Facebook for regular news and updates. If you are not on Facebook, please do contact us to be allocated your number and to receive news of the monthly draw. 

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