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Gail Duncan and Bella (1 year old)

"She was previously Belle, but we decided to call her Bella (a variation on the name she came with as we had previously had a pet named Belle). 


She is loved by the dog, tolerated by the cats and a work in progress with the chickens!


We think she might be a mix of German Shepard, Taiwan and mega mutt.

Bella sofa opti.jpg

Whether it’s her desire to insert her tongue into the mouth of everyone she meets or the vertical bounce into the air that she does, she always makes us laugh. I love how her tail unfolds into a beautiful plume and that she does zoomies when we get home that take in the whole garden and house, leaping over furniture and people, especially when my daughter comes home. 


Her favourite walk is anywhere with water to splash in and her favourite place to chill is the front porch with a view down the garden. 


We chose her as a friend had her sibling who is a sweetheart. She was found on the street with her siblings, taken to public shelter where she was rescued by BMDR and fostered in Moray. 

Bella child optim.jpg

The adoption process was an absolute pleasure, full of useful advice and support. The first time we met was so exciting and the first week involved lots of opening the door to check if she needed out. During the first few months she was quite destructive at times, lots of problem solving to manage her high energy. But it was so much fun getting to know her.


She now no longer hides her treats when we give her one and think that means that she feels at home and knows that treats aren’t a one off.

If you’re thinking of adopting, don’t hesitate. It’s the most rewarding thing I have ever done."

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