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Sheelagh Heron and Calum (2 years old) & Suzie (4 years old)

"We kept Calum's shelter name, but Suzie was originally called Cleo - a name that we liked, but thought it was too much like the name Calum. We chose the name Suzie because she has a lot of black eyeliner like Siouxie of Siouxie and the Banshees. We also have Lucas, a rescue cat, who rules the roost. They all get on well, generally, but the dogs both know that Lucas thinks he's top dog.

Calum and Suzie.jpg

We think Calum has Carpathian Shepherd in him, judging from his markings, and he has some collie traits. Suzie is definitely some sort of Chihuahua mixture. We think there is a big chance of some Italian Greyhound in her genes because of her body shape, behaviours and gait. Who knows?!


They like to snuggle up to each other. Suzie treats Calum as if he is her naughty puppy and he is quite happy for her to boss him about.


Calum makes Scooby-Doo noises when he is trying to get your attention. Suzie squeaks with delight if she's allowed on the humans' bed. Suzie knows that, if the treats come out, she's going to be asked to sit and to lie down so she just throws herself flat in the ground to get it over with in the hope her treat will come faster! They like to chase each other round the house, ears flapping and big grins on their faces. Their favourite place is on 'their' sofa! We have a hairy sofa for us and the dogs and a less hairy one for Lucas and visitors. 

We chose them because Calum has such a lovely face and Suzie is so pretty and cute. We know Calum and his five siblings were abandoned near a factory in Mangalia, but that's all. It would be good to know more.


Suzie was rescued from a vet by Andreea Alexiu. She had been handed in after being hit by a car and was in a coma for three days. When she woke up, Andreea went to the vet to take her picture for social media. The vet was intending to put Suzie down because he said she was blind and no-one would want her. So Andreea took her home with her and nursed her back to health. She wasn't blind, either, she just had trauma damage. She also has a bent front leg from a previous, untreated, fracture. She is a very plucky little dog and nothing much bothers her.


The adoption process was very easy and straightforward. We were amazed by how easily both dogs settled in from the beginning. When Calum was delivered, when Dana put him into my arms he was totally relaxed. I'd expected him to be rigid with fear but he wasn't at all. And Suzie, although she was doing the small dog shivery thing, was much the same. She got on with Calum from the start and, when John came home from work she ran to him and jumped up and down to be picked up! Calum's first week was tiring because he was still a puppy and not house trained. And we took turns sleeping on the sofa in the living room so that he wasn't alone at night in his crate. Suzy was easier because she had some idea of house training and she was older and very small.

Calum was afraid of doorways, shadows, reflections and running water (rivers and burns) but he gradually got over his fear of the first three and now won't pass the shops where he knows he'll get a treat. He doesn't seem to notice shadows or reflections at all, anymore, but still doesn't like rivers or burns. Hopefully that fear too will pass, but we never force him to go near water.

If anyone is thinking of adopting, just do it! Barking Mad will help you every step of the way, both before and after your dog arrives."

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