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Clover and Claire's story


Clover (previously called Maxine) came to us in August 2020. Her new name was chosen after a very lengthy family discussion! My daughter suggested it in the end. We also call her Clover Bear or Miss Bear because she’s like a big cuddly teddy bear!

Clover has an older sister Willow. They adore each other. Clover doesn’t like to go out anywhere without Willow. We also have two cats. George is definitely the boss and keeps Clover in her place with a clip around the nose if she gets too close!

She’s very vocal when she wants something, barking at the hallway light, pawing you to keep stroking her, very noisy and messy drinker, hates getting wet. She loves chicken the most, but she also likes vegetables! She adores chewing on her BMDR buffalo horn.

Clover likes walking and running on the moors, but she also enjoys chilling out on the sofa at home. She loves scent work and playing ‘find it’, she will jump over small agility jumps.


We decided to adopt Clover because she looked so tiny and cute in her photo. She and her brother were found in an abandoned house in the village where their mum who was a stray had given birth to them.

The adoption process was very thorough but really helpful. There were multiple questions to answer to check we knew what taking in a rescue dog involved and that we were prepared to put in the work, then a home check. It felt like a good process and that we would be supported before, during and after the adoption. I also felt reassured that BMDR were careful in only placing dogs in homes that were right for them.

When we first met Clover, she was handed over to me after 4 days on the road. We went into the back garden and she just stood there trembling. We just sat and waited for her to come to us. Once she did she calmed, had a little food and drink, and then as soon as she met her sister Willow she really settled down.

She was very funny from the start. She had long legs and big feet she couldn’t control and thudded everywhere. She had to learn to get in and out of the back door and up and down the step. She eventually went upstairs but then couldn’t get back down! When she learned to get on the sofa she realised she had found her place.

She was very nervous when out and about and so walks could take gentle coaxing to get her to walk past new things like a bag, a traffic cone etc. We did lots of training. She picked up basic commands really quickly. We realised she had a strong scent drive and where she could and couldn’t go off lead safely. About 4 months in, she started being reactive to other dogs. I think maybe her hormones triggered the start of this as she had her first season a month or two after. It’s taken lots of training and work to reduce this. She is still reactive with some dogs - particularly greyhounds, whippets and collies - I think she struggles to understand how they look and sees them as a threat. She is also nervous of new people, but once you are part of her pack she loves you to bits.


If you're thinking about adopting, be really sure that you are prepared to take on a rescue dog and to put in the work. They will probably not be at all like any resident pet dog you have. They will likely be nervous, have quirks and behaviours you have to learn to understand and work with. It will take time, patience and lots of work with set backs and things you will just have to accept are part of them and you can’t change. If you are prepared for that then you will not regret adopting. We love Clover to bits and wouldn’t be without her.

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