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Lucy Brown & McLeod (1 year)

“McLeod is a Labrador/Golden Retriever/Collie/Husky mix. The website said he was very shy and nervous. Due to our last dog being ill, we felt we had the patience to allow McLeod to feel at ease and come out of his shell. The website also showed photos of him with a child which let us know that he was good with children.

We found out about Barking Mad from a friend who had rescued a dog from them. The adoption process was long, but it was clearly in the best interest of the dog and most definitely worth it

McLeod 1 compressed.jpg

When we met him for the first time he was very scared and confused - like a deer caught in headlights. For the first week McLeod cried a bit and was very wary of us, he would run into another room if we were anywhere near him. However, after only two weeks McLeod was like a completely different dog! He began showing lots of affection and enjoyed going out for walks in the Cumbernauld Fields and visiting waterfalls and mountains.


He flips his food and water bowl over dramatically when he wants more, he jumps into mum's side of the bed when she gets up so he can cuddle dad, he jumps up at the window whenever somebody is leaving so he can watch them and he always looks like he's smiling... and often gives a wink!


My advice to anyone thinking of adopting would be to give them space and time, let them come to you. It might seem really difficult at first, but it's most definitely worth it.”

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