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Georgina and Portia (9 years old)

"Portia was named by Barking Mad Dog Rescue, as when she was found she was running around the cars on the street. We didn’t actually choose her, the charity thought she would be a perfect match for us! We knew that she has had puppies in the past and did have a family at some point.

The adoption process was easy and all done online apart from our homecheck from a volunteer. It was very simple and straightforward. I was running late to pick her up, but when I got there the volunteer that had previously did my homecheck had kept her safe. She was very nervous but sat on my mum's knee the full journey home.


The first night was challenging. At first she didn't settle and was howling to get back out and ran about crazy, but after a few hours she came closer and closer until she went for a nap on the sofa next to me. I just gave her lots of time to come around herself...and she did.

After the first few weeks and the challenge of house training was over, it was so easy! She began to trust us and loved it when we brought her to meet new people and dogs. It was very rewarding to see her settle in so nicely after a rough start. She now throws her ears up when you mention something like walkies or dinner, runs crazy around the house when you tell her she's going to her grannies/walkies, and she actually smiles when you talk to her!


She loves going to any sort of park and has a chair in the living room she has claimed as her own! She has learned sit, wait, paw, other paw and is currently learning to high five.  


When adopting, take some time off work to let your dog settle in and start leaving them for short periods as soon as you think you can, to get them used to it if you will have to leave them in for work etc. Have a lot of patience as it will all come in time and be worth it.”

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