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Canine Physiotherapy in Romania

We stopped on on the way to our shelter in Bucharest to visit Pets and Friends. Here Ramona Apostol, her husband Radu and her team take in dogs needing rehab and physio after trauma - mainly dogs who are victims of RTA. BMDR has three dogs here currently, our Asha and a new dog Pio who has come from a distant public shelter in north western Romania. One of Pio's leg is rigid and the other wizzened. The third pup we took on Friday. She is a foxy little girl who our vet found on the street with her back legs not working. She then got distemper too so has fought hard. Her name is Mara.

We also met many of the disabled residents of this wonderful centre, which is run on a shoestring budget due to all the non paying guests Ramona and Radu take in.

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